About the author

Who am I? Why did I drive for LYFT?

A 30-year-old queer bilingual writer born and raised in the Bay Area, I’ve been writing since before I knew how to spell. Balancing my generative energy with a desire to inform, as a child I printed and distributed to classmates publications that included The News Newsletter and Health Digest (ironic considering I also ran an illicit candy business that landed me in the principal’s office several times).

As a student at UC Davis I wrote for The California Aggie, with pieces ranging from an exploration of gender roles in the movie Tangled to my own weekly psychology column. After graduating I kept a bilingual blog of my 14 months living in Montevideo, Uruguay, and upon returning continued to blog about social issues and human psychology. 

In 2015, though I was unsure about the next steps in my life, I knew I wanted freedom, adventure, and flexibility in my schedule while figuring it out. Driving for Rideshare allowed me all of these. I now work as a Spanish medical interpreter, but have many stories to share from my time as a Lyft driver.

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