Toast with Me: Golden State Bars

Step inside and unwind at these California bars with memorable ambiences—all stumbled upon in my excursions as a Lyft driver across the state. **No need to worry, as I can assure you that sparkling water was my beverage of choice at pretty much all of these. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First and Last Chance Saloon (Oakland, CA) PaperContinue reading “Toast with Me: Golden State Bars”

NYE Special: Drunk Passengers Slur their Words of Wisdom

“I do not like people when they are drunk,  but I know some who become interesting when they are tipsy, who acquire what is not natural to them in their sober state; wit, beauty of thought, alertness, and richness of language. In such cases I am ready to bless wine.” —Leo Tolstoy (according to GeorgeContinue reading “NYE Special: Drunk Passengers Slur their Words of Wisdom”